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Empowering Boys, Tackling Cyberbullying: League Chatbot’s Breakthrough

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The League chatbot, a groundbreaking achievement from the LEAGUE project, extends its capabilities to tackle cyberbullying, particularly focusing on underage boys. Here’s an overview of its functionality and features, tailored to address the concerns of both boys and their parents:

  1. Core Data: Empowering Against Cyberbullying

The League chatbot operates as a closed-domain, information-rich entity, drawing its strength from a meticulously processed knowledge base (KB). Human experts within our consortium have curated data specifically addressing online sexual exploitation and abuse, with a significant focus on cyberbullying. The initial set of questions, categorized into Cyberbullying, Online Grooming, Sexting, Technical questions – Cyber, Online Safety, and Terminology, laid the foundation.

To ensure the effectiveness of the chatbot, an extensive paraphrasing process has been implemented. This process not only preserves the core meanings of the data but also enriches sentence structures and vocabulary, resulting in a comprehensive set of paraphrased Question and Answer (QnA) pairs.

  1. Architecture: A Holistic Approach

The League chatbot’s structure includes three main modules and an experimental addition:

  • Core Module: Handles user questions aligned with the KB.
  • Chitchat Module: Enhances user communication with a variety of daily-life topics.
  • Fallback Handler: Addresses out-of-scope or incomprehensible queries, the Fallback Handler steps in to maintain a seamless user experience.
  • Multi-Turn Module: Ensures context-aware responses by retaining conversation history.

By combining robust data addressing cyberbullying with an innovative architecture, the League chatbot is well-equipped to assist underage boys facing online threats. Moreover, its user-friendly interface and comprehensive approach make it a valuable resource for concerned parents seeking to protect their children in the digital landscape.

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