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Project LEAGUE Methodology and Impact

The LEAGUE project targets two main groups: 1) responsible actors for preventing as well as reporting online child sexual abuse focused on underaged boys and 2)  boys aged 10-18. The LEAGUE project will facilitate training activities on national as well as international level. International trainings will be conducted with practitioners. The trainings will focus on the current situation and amplified risks through COVID-19 and aims at increasing the general competences of practitioners in preventing and spotting online sexual abuse. While national trainings are aimed at parents, teachers and school psychologists. The trainings will focus on behaviour science to enable participants to identify, prevent and react, adequately, to online sexual abuse.

Boys aged between 10-18 will be reached via an online platform and a chatbot. Both will be designed in a target group friendly way. As such, boys aged 10-18 will be involved in their development. The planned functionalities of the platform consist of peer-to-peer support, alternative psychological help, helplines information, course on the rights of the child presented in an accessible and child friendly manner. The chatbot will provide information on different types of questions the target group could have in a simple language. It will also provide contacts for helplines and responsible authorities.

The implementation of the LEAGUE project will ensure short-term, mid-term and long-term results and impacts. In the short-term, LEAGUE will strengthen the capacity of professionals/experts by supplying them with the necessary knowledge and building-up their competences in regard to the changes introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the mid-term LEAGUE will facilitate the consolidation of the child protection community by providing an Internet Platform for peer-to-peer support, alternative psychological help, course for children rights in the scope of online child sexual abuse. The envisaged mid-term results will have an impact on one of the main target groups – boys aged 10-18. The project activities will result in the long-term in more comprehensive approach when preventing and reporting online sexual abuse of boys aged 10-18. This is in line with the EU Strategy on child’s rights.