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Training material

These training materials have been created within the framework of the project “Limiting online sexual Exploitation and Abuse Gender based on Underaged boys by Educating experts” (LEAGUE) project. However, the training activities and resources collected in the module can be a relevant source of inspiration for all those who need to strengthen and broaden their knowledge on the topic.

To whom are these training materials addressed at?

These training materials are addressed at psychologists, carers, social workers, law enforcement and other relevant actors that will be involved in the International Trainings (T2.2) and to teachers, school psychologists, parents that will take part in the National Trainings (T2.3).

Furthermore, the document will be made available to other relevant actors working with children to prevent and tackle the involvement of children into online sexual abuse and exploitation including the mitigation of Internet-related risks.

How to use the training materials?

These training materials have been developed as a reference framework for the implementation of the International Trainings and National

The training materials present general information about Online Child Sex Abuse (OCSA) and focus on identification mechanisms, preventive measures and support strategies related to OCSA.

What is the structure of the training materials?

The training materials include main sections:

  1. General overview: An introduction to the topic considering vocabularies and terminologies related to child sexual abuse with a focus on OCSA and the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on OCSA.
  2. Identification: The main factors that could cause or increase the risk of OSCA will be analysed considering which children are particularly at risk and why, and exploring behavioural signs that can help to spot an OCSA victim.
  3. Prevention: For the prevention of abuse by addressing the needs of children who might be at risk and considering the main preventive strategies for OCSA.
  4. Support mechanism: For the support of victims or potential victims of child sexual abuse and OCSA, in particular the reporting steps that need to be taken to help child victims of sexual abuse and mapping supportive programmes and available opportunities.

Each section includes a theoretical presentation of the content, some guidelines to foster discussion and practical activities to critically reflect on lessons learned (under the Annex section). The majority of the activities are based on materials produced from previous EU funded projects implemented on the topic (Children First project, STOP! Project, ISEX), while the EU CORDIS platform provided a consistent database for the research of relevant projects on the topic.

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